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Privacy Policy

About this website

This website is part of the Molten website and is maintained by the Public Relations Section. The part maintained by such section is hereinafter referred to as "this website".

Terms of Idea Submission

Molten does not accept submissions of ideas and/or inventions from our customers.

  1. Molten has no obligation to keep any ideas and/or inventions submissions confidential or proprietary.
  2. Molten has no obligation to consider, review, or implement the submission.
  3. Molten has no obligation to make any compensation for the submission of the ideas and/or inventions.
  4. Without limitation of the foregoing points 1-3 above, Molten shall take no responsibility for the submitted ideas and/or inventions.


While we endeavor to keep the information on this website accurate, Molten assumes no responsibility for any damages incurred by a website visitor for the use, or an inability to use, the information contained in this website, including any typographical errors.
Links to other websites not operated by Molten are provided for the smooth reference and convenience of the customer only, and Molten accepts no liability for the content of external sites.
The information contained in this website may be changed or removed without prior notice.

Use of Personal Information

The purpose of collecting your personally identifiable information through surveys and campaigns is for the improvement of our products and/or services, for enhancing marketing activities, or for sending prizes won through prize draw campaigns. We will not use the information for any other purpose, nor share it with or sell it to third parties. (This excludes disclosing information in compliance with applicable laws.)

Disclosure/Change of Personal Information

In the case you would like to disclose, change, or remove your personal information, we will respond to such requests in the appropriate manner once we have been able to identify you.

Privacy Policy For Personal Data Subject To EU General Data Protection Regulation No 2016/679 (“GDPR”)
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