molten Moving with Passibilities

Our Brand

Corporate Brand

Molten’s Group Companies, which operate in a variety of business areas,
are united under a single brand.

Moving with Possibilities

Moving with Possibilities

At molten, “moving” is at the heart of everything we do.
We strive for better athletic performance, more advanced automotive technology and improved quality of life.
We commit to always move forward: towards better innovation,
evolution and harmony for the world around us.
Our products make moving possible so together we can make the world a better place.

Molten. Moving with Possibilities.

Brand Pyramid

Division Brand

Every division develops its own brand in each business area.

  • Sports

    In order to realize the "real game", we are in continual pursuit of the perfect ball and sports equipment.

    The sports division develops and supplies athletic balls and sports equipment for basketball, handball, volleyball, and soccer/football. Molten’s competition quality products have been adopted as official game balls for a variety of major international leagues, teams, and tournaments including the FIBA Basketball World Cup. By combining innovative technology and superior craftsmanship, this division is committed to helping athletes maximize performance while connecting the global sports community.

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  • Automotive Parts

    We strive to develop products with high technological added value that support the basic performance of automobiles.

    The automotive parts division develops and supplies items that are essential to supporting the performance and appearance of automobiles. This includes air intake components for engines, chassis parts, and interior and exterior items, all of which are formed from rubber or plastic. Based in Japan, with facilities operating in Japan, the U.S., Mexico, Thailand, China, and Vietnam, this division is engaged in developing automotive parts based on technologies that control sound, vibration, and flow, and produces a wide variety of products for the global market.

    Automotive Parts Business site

  • Healthcare Equipment

    As experts in the bioengineering field, we provide support in the medical, welfare, and nursing care fields.

    The healthcare equipment division develops and supplies items that are required by medical, welfare, and nursing care sites. This includes air mattresses to prevent pressure ulcers, arm rails designed to support people’s daily activities, and oral hygiene goods. The division assists medical/welfare/nursing care employees and service users in supporting the physical activities of those who are in hospitals, care facilities, or at home. Molten cooperates with the University of Tokyo and other external research institutes to further expand in this area.

    Healthcare Equipment Business site

  • Floating Pier / Construction Products

    With the use of its technologies, Molten has undertaken the challenge of expanding its potential for social contributions.

    This division applies a combination of Molten’s polymer material processing and air pressure control technologies for the development of items that help contribute positively to society. This division is tasked with producing items related to water, including floating piers and floats for aquaculture, as well as rubber bridge bearings that are used for expressways and railroads. Utilizing a combination of its technologies, materials, equipment, facilities, and expertise, Molten is consistently committed to expanding its own potential in a wide range of industries.

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